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Terms & Conditions

By inquiring you (the Client) acknowledge you have read and agree to these rules set out below:

1. The prices as stated in the commission examples are set at the expectations:

  • One Character

  • Fully Rendered (no sketches or just inks)

  • Unspecified Background

  • Styled as I see fit for the piece

  • Non-Commercial/Personal Use

2. Any changes to these expectations MUST be stated and agreed upon during inquiring and will result in changes to aforementioned pricing.3. The Client will be given opportunity to correct any mistakes or ask for minor edits up until a WIP (work in progress) is agreed to be suitable for rendering.4. Clients are required to pay their invoice in full after terms are agreed upon before any work will begin.5. In the event that a WIP cannot be agreed upon and the Client wishes to cancel the commission, a 10% fee will be kept for lost time.

6. After a WIP has been agreed upon by the Client to be satisfactory for finalization refunds will ONLY be issued in the event that the final artwork has not been delivered by the guaranteed delivery date.7. At NO POINT during the commission process is the Client allowed to take any WIP file(s) and use them. This includes but is not limited to; sharing, posting, transforming, editing, cropping, or any other breach of confidentiality between the Client and myself.8a. After completion of the commissioned piece the Client is allowed to:

  • Post on Client's Socials

  • Crop for uses such as Icons

  • Post in OC (original character) galleries such as

  • Use indefinitely as Reference for said character (in the case of OCs)

While crediting (linking to my website, socials, etc) is appreciated when commissioned pieces are used, it is not required for any of the uses listed above to be acceptable.

8b. After completion of the commissioned piece the Client is NOT allowed to:

  • Crop Out or Edit Out my signature (except for icon use), or in any way attempt to mislead and/or falsify my credentials as creator of the piece

  • Reproduce the piece for sale or promotional material WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN AGREEMENT FROM ME DURING THE INQUIRY STAGE (Rights to reproduce or resale any commission piece will result in a one-time fee)

  • Use the piece IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM with AI (Artificial Intelligence) content generators or training algorithms. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE

Any questions or concerns about what the Client is and is not allowed to do with their commission piece should be discussed with me by emailing me at any time!

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change and may be updated as needed. Any commissions in process of being completed during changes to these rules will either be allowed to finish as agreed or, if necessary, the Client may be asked to re-review for completion of the piece.


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